Favorite Web Sites
Rob Harvey seed specialist
bird feed specialists,and bird accessories(also one of the most helpful and nicest men in the bird world I have ever dealt with) Rob himself has spent a lot of time on the phone with me giving his expert advice on feeding my parrots the correct way,and he will come to the phone if you ask for him!!

Safe plants for birds
A site with a list of safe plants which will not cause harm to birds if eaten.(This site was kindly sent to me by Emma Randall,owner of Saffy and Merlin(Celestial Parrots)shown in my customers parrots album.Thanks Emma x

Tropical bird forum
a forum for all tropical birds

A.R.Lane Aviaculture
makers & suppliers of excellent wooden breeding cages and nest boxes (I use their products myself,because they look good,they are good,and the are very good value for money) and they work!!oh and there husband & wife and a lovely couple (keep up the good work both!! and see you at Stafford)

Winged Wisdom
A great site if you are looking for info and help about most parrots,this site explains everything to do with parrots,its like the worlds biggest parrot book at your finger tips,and I love it! its helped me out loads of times when I needed to do research.

Bird Trek
A great site if your looking for various birds,from British finches to Parrots,and other bird related stuff.(BUT BEWARE if your looking to buy baby hand reared birds,its not the ideal place to look for one)

Mesothelioma Asbestos

This wonderful forum is being run by one of our customers Kevin,his forum is all about Parrotlets and their well being.Anyone wanting to own a Parrotlet,or looking for help and information on Parrotlets, or if you own a Parrotlet/s and wold like to chat to other parrotlet owners,then this forum is just for you.A must visit forum for anyone interested or wish to own one of these wonderful little Parrots.
A wonderful website,for those of you who own a companion Parrotlet,or simply just want to know about these amazing little gems.This site is American,but is loaded with wondeful foods and information on how to give them the highest quality of life.If you really wont to give your Parrotlet the best you can,then this is the site for you!!.I highly reccomend it.Parrotlets have been a bug in the U.S.A for many many years now,and finally they are becoming highly recognised as wonderful companion pets in the U.K.