West African Palm Fruit Extract


Palm Fruit Extract             Palm Nut Fruit

The original African Grey Aphrodiiac

Derived 100% naturally from West African Palm Nut (Now grown specifically for the pet trade in the Far East because its kinder to the ecco system in Africa. Palm Nuts are the natural diet for African Greys in the wild, but most Parrots love them. If you cant get your Parrot to eat them, then the alternertive is to give them Palm Extract instead. This can be added to the soft food, and laced through there daily soft food mix, and they dont know they are getting it. Use approx 1/4 of a teaspoon each feed.

Unlike African Palm Nuts, Palm Fruit Extract stores at room temperature, always available at our shop, on and offline.

There is no difference betweeen the nuts or the extract, except with the nuts, the bird has to peel the fruit / pulp away from the nut inside, which only larger birds like Macaws & Cockatoos actually eat. There is no benifits to birds actually eating the nuts as the benifits are actually in the fruit pulp, but they find it very amusing trying. Feeding the nuts rather than the extract, gives the bird something to do, and is more natural for them. However some birds just wont take to them, and in these cases, the extract is the only way.

Both the nuts and the extract improves health and conditioning , high beta-corotene levels mean brighter plumage and glossy feathers. Very little waste-only use what your bird will eat. Almost no mes when compared to fresh nuts, but still the nuts should always be the first choice to give. The extract is better value for money, as 1 tub will last for months, but nuts should still be offered on your birds menue. Parrot Palm Extract is also a valuable source of plant material derived Vitamin E. The principle role of Vitamin E appears to be as an anti-oxidant. It prevents the oxidisation of unsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids and Vitamin A. It may also help cell membrane stability and be essencial for neurological.

Parrot Palm Fruit Extract comes in an unrefined state having only cold pressed filtered to remove the solids left over from the prossing. Palm Fruit Extract contains a balance of polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and saturated fatty acids .In addition Parrot Palm Extract also contains essential substances such as linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid which the body cannot manufacture) and tocopherols and tocotrienols, which act as natural anti oxidents against damaging free radicals. In some human trials it has been found to lower harmful LDL-cholesterol. A palm Fruit Extract enriched diet has also been shown a reduced tendency to blood clots. Parrot Palm Fruit Extract is a major source of carotenoids which inhibit some types of cancer. It is also a major source of beta-carotene (15 to 300 times more than carrots and green vegetables) which is a precursor to Vitamin A.Amoung the functions of Vitamin A are improved night vision) Healthy mucous membranes and skin, bone growth and reproduction. Parrot Palm Extract is also 10% Cholestrol Free. Easily digested Parrot Palm Fruit Extract is absorbed and utilized for support of healthy growth, contributing towards energy reserves, thermal insulation, organ protection, and tissue membrane structure and cell metabolism.

For breeders, it has been proven with studies that using the West African Palm Nut/Extract, it can lead to improved and increased reproduction and even improved growth of young.

The extract has a shelf life of over eighteen months, and the Palm Nuts can be stored frozen for about 6 mths. Once defrosted they must be used within 3 days. A good tip is to only take out the ammount of nuts you need. Between 1-3 nuts per bird per day is plenty.

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